This 1490 pupil school is organized into a three storey academic wing and a two storey sports / theatre complex. The centrally located atrium unites these two areas and serves as the student forum. Major activity areas like the cafeteria, the food school, the theatre, the guidance and the administration areas flank either side of this atrium creating a ‘main street’ ambience and making it the vibrant hub of the school community.

The music / theatre / arts are grouped together on the ground floor. Associated activities like dance and drama studios are located adjacent to the full-featured theatre. The quad gymnasium and change rooms along with a unique, dedicated running track at the upper level of the gym constitute the sports complex which has been designed such that it can be independently used by the community.

Natural light is a recurring theme in the design. The school features an impressive list of sustainable design features including a high performance building envelope, use of daylight supplemented with an energy efficient lighting system with motion sensors, waterless urinals, low-flow faucets, and efficient HVAC systems. A demonstration wind turbine installation and solar PV panels are planned to generate green power for student projects in the outdoor projects courtyard.