EEC Notre-Dame-de-la-Huronie is a one-story, 35,000 sq.ft. facility that includes an Elementary School for 200 students and two Child Care rooms for 39 children.

Placed prominently on its tight site, the main entrance leads into a high-ceilinged Atrium flooded with natural light. This forum space is flanked by the Office which has good supervision over the entrance, the Library and the Gym – bringing all the community functions together into a central space.

The Library is designed as a flexible space which can be used for student projects, exhibitions, community use and for parents to gather. The Gym is designed as a multi-purpose space with ample daylight.

The kindergarten and Child Care rooms are clustered into a separate wing for effective zoning and passive supervision. The Child Care spaces consist of one toddler room and one pre-schooler room directly adjacent to a secure outdoor area designed as naturalized playgrounds for creative play. The interiors are designed as calm, inviting spaces and include quiet and active areas with low-VOC natural finishes.