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    transformative design. controlled outcome.

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    transformative design. controlled outcome.

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    transformative design. controlled outcome.

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    transformative design. controlled outcome.

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    transformative design. controlled outcome.

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    transformative design. controlled outcome.

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    transformative design. controlled outcome.

Long Term Care (LTC)

senior care (LTC) – Snyder Architects has worked with many operators to build over 7,000 long term care beds in Ontario over the past 35 years. We provide a wide range of integrated services related to visioning, planning, design, approvals and permits, scheduling, construction and financing - all aimed at creating the best supportive housing for residents and support worker.

alternative delivery

Architect Managed Project (AMP) – a controlled outcome. While a General Contractor employed under a lump sum bid process can produce a successful outcome, there is growing experience with late completion, poor quality, litigation and unexpected costs at completion. AMP mitigates these theses factors and reduces risk by facilitating better control during the construction phase.

designing supportive environments since 1980

Meet the team

Leadership, teamwork and innovation are the building blocks of our practice. We aim for mastery, but we call it a practice because we are constantly testing our limits as professionals and as a team. We invest in our people and empower them to research, test and share ideas that change the game altogether.

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Snyder now brings you the latest in design innovations, best practices and studio news. Join us as we explore the emerging trends, technology and thinking behind today's human-centred supportive environments.

transformative design. controlled outcome.

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