There is growing experience with late building openings, poor quality, litigation and unexpected costs at completion. Our modified approach mitigates these factors by reducing risk and facilitating better control as follows. By taking full responsibility in this way, we are able to deliver clients maximum control and value.

The Client enters into one construction contract with a General Trades Contractor who is selected through the normal prequalification; but unlike a conventional delivery method where the general contractor selects his sub-trades, we individually select the sub-trades through another prequalification process and nominate these sub-trades who will enter into sub-contracts with the General Trades contractor.

Then we manage the sub-trade contracts, negotiate directly with them for all changes in the work, ensure that their queries are dealt with promptly and ensure that they are paid fairly. We value engineer each trade contract as necessary and avoid cost mark-ups to ensure that such value and cost control directly benefits the Client. With close management of each trade contract, and the means to remedy problems as they arise, the overall risk to the Client is reduced significantly.

The General Trades Contractor, at a fixed fee, assumes the role of “Constructor”, providing full time site supervision and managing the site; in effect, managing “the mud” while in constant communication with the Architect / Construction Manager who manages the “paper “.

Thus by uploading risk management to the Architect / Construction Manager who has no direct vested interest in the value of the construction contract, the Client achieves maximum value in construction cost, quality and schedule.

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