The HDSB, having been dealt a tight restricted site and an expedited project schedule for this school, turned to Snyder Architects to develop a new elementary design model for the Board, and as Construction Managers to ensure compliance with the schedule.

The resulting school design is the first three-storey elementary school model for the Board. The design was configured to introduce abundant natural light into the heart of the school, creating a cheerful, open and welcoming ambiance to foster student engagement. The spatial organization and layout actively enhance student interaction by physically and visually bringing the entire school closer together.

It is also the Board’s first school to fully employ an intelligent, integrated thermal energy HVAC system to capture, store and release energy upon demand through an in-floor concrete hollow core slab design that maintains radiant comfort without the use of wet systems, is low-maintenance since it employs a smaller mechanical system with fewer moving parts and can utilize energy derived from a variety of green sources – all while consuming significantly less energy. Superior indoor air quality (fresh air), reduced building material consumption by design and optimization of both natural and artificial lighting systems are some other sustainable features of this ground-breaking design.

The new Alton Village Public School had an ambitious green agenda that resulted in this new innovative mechanical approach.  Employing Architect Managed Project (AMP) delivery, we were able to successfully handle the risk associated with innovation and change.