Our Architect Managed Project (AMP) delivery model is a pioneering approach to Construction Management that has been honed over 30+ years and employed on one third of our projects.

AMP projects offer us, and through us, the Owner, much greater control over construction cost and schedule, helping to mitigate typical risk factors like late completion, poor quality, litigation and cost overruns.

How it Works

The success of this delivery model is founded on our ability to lead, collaborate and listen. We work closely with the General Trades Contractor and the individual sub-trades from pre-qualification and tender through to problem solving on-site, payment certification and close-out.

The General Trades Contractor assumes the role of ‘Constructor,’ providing full time site supervision, management and coordination of the site – in effect, managing ‘the mud’ while in constant communication with the Architect / Construction Manager who manages the ‘paper.’

As Architects and Construction Managers, we are accountable for both design and construction, with no vested interest in the value of the construction contract. As a result, Clients have a single point of accountability, yielding the best value in cost, quality, and schedule.

The AMP Advantage

Because of our Construction Management and ‘hands-on’ site experience, we know what is buildable, what things cost, and how to work directly with trades to get the best value. All of our projects benefit for this value-added expertise, even under a traditional delivery model – because AMP enables us to deliver truly Transformative Design with a Controlled Outcome.

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