Led by Durham Region, the vision for the Hillsdale Estates and Terraces was to redevelop two existing Long-Term Care (LTC) homes sited in a heritage park, into a 500-bed flagship campus for long-term and community care. This included two new facilities – Hillsdale Estates and Hillsdale Terraces with Resident Home Areas (RHA) focused on providing a high-quality, supportive environment for improved resident outcomes.

One RHA in the Terraces was specially configured for dementia care by minimizing reliance on technology and security systems and increasing passive supervision. Without compromising the total number of beds or facility efficiency, RHAs were also reduced to 24-beds each, in lieu of the typical 32-beds, in order to reduce travel distances for support staff.

To create a neighbourhood environment for residents, a significant amount of communal spaces were incorporated into the project, including the Atrium lounge and food court, a café, solarium. In addition, outdoor terraces and an auditorium are located on the ground floor with views of the surrounding park.

Hillsdale Estates and Terraces were completed by our predecessor firm, Mekinda Snyder Partnership.