We are working with Magellan Community Charities to develop a Seniors Campus of Care concept to address the urgent need for culturally sensitive care for aging members of Portuguese-Canadian communities in downtown Toronto. The new Seniors’ Centre will be urban in character, located on former TTC lands and has a compact, seven-storey massing. The larger site master plan includes a new public park and synergistic local employment on the balance of the site, integrated with the Seniors Centre.

The new centre is warm and welcoming in concept and design. The second and third floors will accommodate the 60 affordable assisted living units, while floors four to seven will house the 256 Long-Term Care units. The LTC units will be grouped into smaller pods around landscape interior courtyards, offering residents smaller, congenial communities.

The ground floor will incorporate shared space for the long-term care and the affordable housing residents while extending a welcome to the larger community as well. This “Community Hub” will be used to support recreational, educational and culturally focused programs and community outreach.